Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It was worth it!

Sometimes we have to experience the truly awful to understand and appreciate the wonderful things. About two weeks ago, while glancing out the kitchen widow, I saw it. It was the baby bunny, maybe the one that we rescued from the jaws of a thieving snake a few weeks earlier. (That story is blogged in June 2010, under You’ve got to be kidding me.) The bunny was about the size of a large kiwi fruit and it was frolicking about. The kids and I, all got to go out and watch it up close. My boy was giggling, the girls were “awwwing.” If we hadn’t gone through that heinous experience, I wouldn’t have been looking for it and we would have missed the magic.

The morning after we arrived home from the airport, I was able to see the darling little guy again, hopping around our little grassy area. The wonderful sight was welcome considering we had just dealt with two more unsuccessful bunny events. Actually, our amazing, pool-watching neighbors handled one bunny loss (thank you) and we cleaned up the other. I can’t even go into the details of our clean up effort. UGH!!! It was the worst situation imaginable. It is just another reminder to keep your eyes open and be observant so you don’t miss the magic. It is there. And it will recharge you so that you can make it through the next “bunny loss.”

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