Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Two year-olds

Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. So true. You want do hear what my little punk did today? He almost cost me a minimum of $85 and a super-sized serving of humiliation.
Apparently my little bugger turned off the power supply to the pool. I never knew that useful switcheroo even existed, hiding beneath a camouflaged outlet cover, on the side of the yard where he is not allowed to explore.

We had a very windy day yesterday, which resulted in a lot of leaves and twigs in the pool. I noticed it was very dirty this morning. I was surprised our handy dandy little automatic creepy crawly pool vac didn’t do its usual bang-up job. I thought, hey I’ll just manually turn it on and let it work some overtime. Click....nothing. Hmmmmm? I go to the main switch by the actual pump. Click...nothing. Oh crap! I can actually feel my bank account getting about $1000 lighter. Crap! I call Brad and ask if we want to try to figure it out, or just call a pool guy. It is old and is very quirky already. We decide to call around and get some quotes on just coming out and meeting our pool pump. $85. I call Brad and we go through a little trouble shooting over the phone. THANK GOD! I try the stealth grand master power switch as advised by my oh-so-clever husband. I can hear some phantom ticking immediately. I have a very good feeling about this. I walk back over to the switch of my preference and click...purrrrrrrr. Yes!

So we rejoice and groan over the antics of our little two-year-old boy. I realize as I type this that my husband is no real pool-mechanic genius. He just happens to have been a two-year-old boy before. How can I compete with that?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Thumbs up

I finally found the opportunity I was looking for. Brandon and I were playing with our neighbors. He was having the time of his life racing behind his friend's cool, super dump truck. I asked him if he wanted one for himself. "Seems too good to be true," he must have thought. "I wonder what's the catch." There is always a catch.

Right you are! When my middle daughter was 2.5 years old, this is the route we took to get her potty trained.....fast! Only she didn't want a truck. She wanted Boots, the trusty monkey friend of Dora the Explorer.

Here is the catch. If you want the monkey/truck, than you must poop in the potty FIVE times. That is it. If he is ready, like she was, we will be shopping for a new truck soon. When we were making the poster, he couldn't decide which super dump truck sticker to pick. He said they were all "too puffy." So apparently, even trucks have the equivalent to bad hair days. Good to know!

So in the end, we settled on the Monster Truck. It didn't look puffy at all. So the game is on. I'll keep you posted. 10-4.