Sunday, December 18, 2011

Close call!

Boy, did we ever have a close call today.

We've had a tempermental light switch for some time. The girls would have to click the switch several times to get it to light up. Well, today, while they were getting ready for their first ever ballet recital, I walked in their bathroom to a horrific smell. I felt the light switch and noticed it was very hot and it was smoking! Holy crap! I'm so glad Brad was home. I'm so glad we were home with the kids. I'm so glad we had the opportunity to catch this before our lives changed forever. Thank God!!!

We had a new switch on hand, thank goodness, so Brad was able to change it out right away. Next time you have a troublesome switch, listen to it right away and fix it so you never have to go thru the panic that we did. Also teach kids not to throw water on electrical or grease fires. It turns out that our kids didn't know that. Lastly, teach the kids how to turn off the electricity and the main water supply for that matter. Remind them how to use the fire hydrant and where it is located.

I'm so thankful that we had a happy ending to our scary story.

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