Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Touched by an angel

I think you'll agree that it doesn't get much better than this!

She was born today, fresh from God, and I was lucky enough to spend a few minutes holding this beautiful angel. One of my dearest friends is the mom of this lovely girl. I'm so fortunate to live so close and watch her grow into a wonderful person. What is it about babies that makes time stop and causes us to slow down and be very aware? It is as if you can stare into that new little face and try to memorize all the intricate details that make them who they are. I keep looking, yet I can't get enough. Let's just say that she is definitely an expression of God and we are all so happy that she is finally here.

Welcome, baby girl, welcome to your world. We love you.


  1. She is gorgeous. You sound like you are ready for another!!

  2. That's calling the kettle black. LOL!